Saturday, December 31, 2011

Like a Business…

Hey you guys, Happy New Year’s Eve!!!!  I’m so excited about 2012.  Very excited!  I’m hoping to do some new and exciting things in the upcoming year – the quest to find my happiness. 

Goal 1 – To Work On My Passion…BAKING!

I love to bake!  I love to add up all the ingredients and create something tasty and hopefully also beautiful (one day). I would go so far to say that I’m very good at it; it’s not just rewarding, but so relaxing for me.  I drown out everything when I bake; no noise, no drama, no nothing.  Just me, the ingredients, and my new and soon to arrive Kitchen Aid mixer in boysenberry.  Yes, big investment I know but it’s worth every penny.  I hope that I can learn to decorate my cakes as well, but that will come with time.  2012 is strictly about working on my recipes and finding the perfect arsenal to be a great baker.

Goal 2 – Work on the woman in the mirror!

I need to work on my star player – physically and emotionally.  In the all too unfortunate fashion , I have become a slave to my relationship.  I love being with Brian; he’s fun and although he can be annoying sometimes (but what man isn’t) I love being around him and hanging with him.  I’ve put my health, my goals, and some of my happiness on the back burner and I hate myself for that.  It’s my fault because I control the things that go on in my life. No one else.  As much as I want to blame him, it’s on me. If someone asked me what I love about myself, I would have to think on that one because I’m not sure who ‘ME’ is and I want to change that! F that!!  I’m GOING to change that! Starting with finding my groove in the gym and taking care of my health and body (only have one chance to live this life). 

That brings me to the concept of…Treating my life like a business…

I’m not very good at making long term goals and sticking to them, so I’m dividing my life up in quarters and tackling them in 3 month increments. I will focus on each quarter as a continuous progression.  It seems like a long time, but when I think about 2011 it just flew by.  So, hopefully I can stay ahead of this and finally tackle my goals once and for all.

First Quarter Goals and Bench Marks

I’m naming this quarter – finding my niche…

January I will focus on three things:

1) Finding a happy medium in the gym and committing myself to that space.  I love group fitness classes, personal training is o.k. but I would like to work out for more than an hour with her and ya girl don’t have the fund for that.  Monday nights @ 7:15 I will go to Body Pump, and Thursdays I will go to spin.  That’s all I’m able to focus on right now. 

2) Baking, my happy place.  I will work on 2 recipes this month.  Red velvet cake and my kahlua, chocolate cake. Trying to find some taste testers shouldn't be hard.  I have tons of hungry folk at work who would be willing to be my test dummies.

3) Learning how to take care of myself without feeling that I’m neglecting anyone else.  I always have a hard time shopping for myself without buying for my daughter.  When I want space, I feel like it’s telling the people I love that I don’t want to be with them or spend time with them. With my lady bug, I don’t want her to feel like I would rather be alone and not with her and when it comes to Brian, I don’t want to feel like this gives him the ‘I’m single for the night’ sign.

Oh what a long 30 days this will be, but hopefully I can meet my targeted projections and come out in the green :)

My Motto for 2012 – Carpe the HELL of this Diem!!!!!

HAPPY 2012!!!!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Eve, Eve

Hello all!!!

It's the eve of Christmas Eve and I am happy to say, I'm done almost done shopping!  Just a few more gifts to get and I'll be done.  Hopefully everyone is having a great holiday so far.  I will return to blogging regularly after Christmas, so look for some interesting posts.

  Santa hat with eyes and legs saying, "Ho Ho Ho"

Thursday, December 8, 2011