Monday, July 23, 2012

Crossing things off my list

Hey blog land!  Whew…lot’s of things going on with yours truly!  New job, moving, new beginnings, changes, personal growth, etc…etc…

First thing’s first…30 in 30 bucket list!!  I get to cross two things off my list and I’m so happy!  All smiles right now.

13. Make a career change – not really a career change in itself, but a good move for my career.  More opportunities for growth and development, more things to learn, and soon I’ll be climbing that ladder! I was okay with my previous job, but I was just OKAY…not ecstatic, not overjoyed, but I was somewhat comfortable.  Making this change is big for me, stepping outside of my box, putting myself out there, and it paid off!

30. Move to a new city (fingers crossed on that one) – I did this one and I’m so happy!  I’m totally in love with my new city!  Frankly, Columbia was boring me to death! Now I’m in the Queen City (don’t be stalking Miss. Tootie now kiddies, lol). I’m hoping that this city will be good for Mia and myself – more things to do will mean more fun for us.

So, that’s a wrap for the 30 in 30 bucket list…for now.

Recently, I’ve been tapping into my diva side by wanting to shop more and actually take the time to put my outfits together. The one thing about being overweight is that it’s hard to find clothes to fit me.  This being fat thing is really hindering my Diva status, seriously people…this is like a wet blanket on my fabulous parade. Sooooo…back to they gym I go. I was super excited, then I’m starting to experience NC humidity…oh lawd, I need to make an appointment with my pulmonologist cause I’m going to pass out and die from oxygen deprivation! Shit!!!!  I was in true fat girl mode while walking from the gym, I was breathing like I had a Ho Ho stored in my left cheek.  Having Asthma in the south is no good :(

Anywho, have a good night!


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Ask me why I’m smiling…

photo (2)

Because…I got a new job today (pending a background check…sheesh, I hope they don’t pull that little drug charge up – just kidding). I’m super excited for the things that are coming my way. It’s in a new city (well, not so new to me) and a new company – I’m just on cloud nine right now!