Wednesday, January 18, 2012

See ya real soon

Hey all! Just jumping in to let you know I'm taking a break from blogger and twitter for a while so that when I come back I can give my all to my blog.


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My commitments

Hey everyone!!! I'm just checking in for a little post, this week is going by fast and I still have my tag blog to finish, post my vlog for Friday, and work on some blog topics the rest of the week.

I'm making commitments to myself and also making some affirmations to put my dream in the atmosphere so that the universe will act in my favor.

- 2012 I WILL be a home owner
- 2012 I WILL complete my Master's degree
- 2012 I WILL get healthy and lose weight
- 2012 I WILL get my little side hustle up and running (stay tuned foe details)
- 2012 I WILL love ME so hard it hurts

What are you speaking into fruition this year???

Happy hump day!!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

First Weekend of 2012

Hey ya’ll – How’s 2012 going for you guys so far?  I know we’re only 3 days in but I’m having a great time so far.  This post is going to be a hodge-podge of stuff…so sit tight and enjoy!

This weekend I made a couple of things I really enjoyed making.  I made homemade laundry detergent!!!!  It was super easy and It actually works pretty well.  See video below, lol!

Here’s the price break down for you guys.  Like I said in the video; it’s a small upfront investment, but lasts for about 9 months.

Fels-Neptha soap (3 bars) $2.91

Borax $3.38

Washing soda $3.24

Baking soda $2.12

Oxi-clean $7.52

Total: $19.17

So for me it’s worth it because I use 2 or 3 bottles of the $11 Gain per month. Winning!!!

The verdict?  I loved it!!!  It doesn’t have a heavy scent (if you like heavily scented laundry, you may add essential oils).  Cleaned well and you only need a small scoop at a time, I used an old protein powder scoop.  Not really a heavy suds either, but I can tell the clothes are being cleaned :)

I also made a killer pound cake – no picture because I cut that bad boy up and took it to work!  It was great and I’m so excited about perfecting my recipes and hopefully by the end of the summer I will be able to decorate.

Please follow my hunny’s podcast!! Click the link, follow, and listen to them give a male’s on various topics!  If anything you will have a great time because these two are crazy!!

Tha Corna!!!!!!

That’s it for this post!  Please let me know what you think of the video and Brian’s show.  He also has a blog, Beyond Now

Have a great day everyone!!!

Back to work I go...ugghhh!!!!

I'm going to do a big post tonight, plus a tag!!! I just wanted to swoop in and do a quick post to voice my rage about being back at work following a short holiday break.  On the calendar, those 12 days looked nice, long, and relaxing - but baby....that was just on paper.  Those days flew by like a crow on a hot summers day! 

Anyway, I'm packed and ready for lunch today and mentally ready to work on my schedule, do some homework, and get a good work out done.  Zumba oh wait, THE GROOVE on deck tonight.  Looking to burn some serious calories, get some good reading done for my homework, get my daddy a birthday card and giftcard, blog, and go to sleep!!
See you guys tonight!