Tuesday, December 14, 2010

She’s still alive…

Hi everyone! I hope you all are having a great week so far!! I just wanted to drop a quick line to let you know I’m still alive. I have a final paper due on Sunday, work is going slllooooowwwwllllyyyyyy, Gold’s Gym and their lovely staff is kicking my butt, and I miss you guys :( But, I’ll be back in full effect in a few days!!


Sunday, December 12, 2010

The end of a long weekend…

I didn’t tell my boyfriend about me doing something that I may or may not have supposed to do, lol!  But he found out just now!!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

I’m thinking about it…hard…

I’ve been thinking about joining Gold’s Gym really hard.  I’ve currently realized that I’m not a solo workout type person.  I do much better when I go to group classes because I feel obligated to continue because I don’t want to look like a quitter while everyone else is still working out.  I’m much more inclined to finish a class when eyes are watching me.  Does that sound weird to you guys?  I’m not sure why I’m like this, but part of the journey is self discovery, right?  Currently they’re offering a special so I’m going to go on Saturday to see what it’s all about and weigh my options.  As of right now, the pros are it’s close, they offer a lot of different group fitness classes that I can go to and the cons are an added expense to my budget. 

Oh well, I’ll definitely let you all know what I decide.

These are my confessions…

30 days of me - I'm behind, please forgive me

Day 07- A picture of someone/something that has the biggest impact on you

My daughter has the biggest impact on me.  For her I would do anything, endure everything and give my life for her.  I want to be a good example for her and be a woman she admires.  I love this little lady!!!

Day 08- Short term goals for this month and why

My short term goals for this month are to find some direction in this lifestyle change that I'm embarking on.  I want to make it something I do consistently and not give up on.  I want to do this because I want to finally scratch some goals off of my list.

Day 09- Something you’re proud of in the past few days

Learning about my eating habits, admitting that I have a problem and trying to find solutions to those problems.

~ Stay tuned, vlog post to come this afternoon!!!

Have a great day everybody!!!!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

30 Days of - Day 6

Day 6 - a picture of your favorite super hero character and why

View Image

My favorite super hero is Wonder Woman, I'm not quite sure why I've always loved her.  She's fearless, fabulous, fit and a force to be reckoned with!!  Plus she is great at accessorising!!!

30 Days of Me Day 5

Day 5 - A picture of somewhere you've been


I went to the Bahamas a LONG time ago, my baby wasn't even walking yet.  I hope to go other places soon, very soon.

Weighing In

Weight this morning (ugh): 212.2 lbs

Chest: 46 inches
Stomach: 38.75 inches
Waist: 38 inches
Thigh (right): 30.5 inches
Arm (right): 14 inches
Calf (right): 17.75

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Weekly Review 12/4/10

Exploring the emotional ins and outs of Toot…this is gonna take forever!!!!

30 Days of me - Day 3 and 4!!!

Day 03- A picture of you and your friends

Left to Right: Robyn (aka Mysterious, bka Beedjka), Me (aka Hypnotize, bka Mit), Sheena (aka Roofliss, bka Sheena Meena), Allison (aka Ideal, bka Pubert), Laketa (aka ShotGun, bka Ke)
These are my girls at Sheena's baby shower, we are having a little girl in January!!!!

Day 04- A habit that you wish you didn’t have

PROCRASTINATION!!!! I am the best at it, hands down. I wish I were more proactive about things, but for some reason I'm just not!!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Day 2 1/2 - 30 days of me

Yes, I'm a little behind aren't I.  But...I'm sitting on my butt tonight so I will blog and comment away.  eeenywhooooo....

Day 02- The meaning behind your Blog name

I was watching a show called Drawn Together and there is a character named Toot.  She's hilarious - a 1920 type character drawn in black and white, she's fat and sloppy and eats everything in her way.  I know, it sounds a little mean for a name, but it's what I don't want to be...soooo when I reach my goal, I will change the name!!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

30 Days of me - Day 1

Day 01- A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself

 - I'll insert recent picture today when I get home

1. I was a strict vegetarian for a whole year
2. I'm secretly a hoarder - shhh, don't tell nobody...
3. I was afraid of snakes before I found out they felt like snake-skin purses
4. I carry a teasers wherever I go, lol
5. I fear change
6. I'm in school working toward my accounting degree
7. I'm TERRIFIED of the CPA exam - T-E-R-R-I-F-I-E-D!!!!!
8. My daughter is exactly like me when I was a little girl
9. I love sugar anything sweet, hand it over
10. I'm a member of Blog stalker anonymous
11. I have a dairy allergy, but I still insist on consuming it
12. I'm a great swimmer, I started when I was four
13. I am great at math, but didn't pursue my dream career
14. I can clean the HELL out of a bathroom
15. I'm the sweetest, most caring person I've ever met :)

30 days of me!!!

Okay, I came across this on some other blog posts and I thought I'd participate.  Here's the outline for the month!!!

Day 01- A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself
Day 02- The meaning behind your Blog name
Day 03- A picture of you and your friends
Day 04- A habit that you wish you didn’t have
Day 05- A picture of somewhere you’ve been to
Day 06- Favorite super hero and why
Day 07- A picture of someone/something that has the biggest impact on you
Day 08- Short term goals for this month and why
Day 09- Something you’re proud of in the past few days
Day 10- Songs you listen to when you are Happy, Sad, Bored, Hyped, Mad
Day 11- Another picture of you and your friends
Day 12- How you found out about Blogger and why you made one
Day 13- A letter to someone who has hurt you recently
Day 14- A picture of you and your family
Day 15- Put your iPod on shuffle: First 10 songs that play
Day 16- Another picture of yourself
Day 17- Someone you would want to switch lives with for one day and why
Day 18- Plans/dreams/goals you have
Day 19- Nicknames you have; why do you have them
Day 20- Someone you see yourself marrying/being with in the future
Day 21- A picture of something that makes you happy
Day 22- What makes you different from everyone else
Day 23- Something you crave for a lot
Day 24- A letter to your parents
Day 25- What I would find in your bag
Day 26- What you think about your friends
Day 27- Why are you doing this 30 day challenge
Day 28- A picture of you last year and now, how have you changed since then
Day 29- In this past month, what have you learned
Day 30- Your favorite song.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Is it over yet????

Sad to say it’s not.  Words cannot explain how overwhelmed I am.  I’m flooded with emotions and things to do.  First of all, the holidays are upon us and it seems as though it were the holidays only a few month ago.  Wow, how does time fly?!?!?  Also, I have an announcement to make…In December, I will be forming a single unit household with Mr. Sabb!!!!!  Yes, I’m talking cohabitation ya’ll!!!!  I’m nervous because I don’t want to mess up our relationship and I’ve never lived with anyone, so I don’t know what to expect.  All I can do is be myself and hope that we can grow together for a wonderful future.  Also, I’m at a standstill with my goals, I’m so good a defining them but not so good at following through.  I don’t why I’m expecting to get different results from my same actions.  Who knows what my deal is, but I do distracted easily and I’m not very good at perseverance.  

I had to tell him about my financial state and take my guard down and let him in.  I knew that he had an idea how irresponsible I was with money, but I’m not sure if he knew how extensive it was.  This is always uncomfortable, letting someone in to the deepest darkest parts of your life.  But, I figured if we would be sharing a home and a life together, why not share my secrets with him as well.  I genuinely want to complete something, anything.  Maybe if I had a small victory to keep me strong and give me what I need to continue, I may do better.  It’s hard to continue without seeing any light, I’m just not good at that.  Having faith in my ability has always been a weakness of mine.  How do you have faith in what you’re doing if you can’t see it or any results for that matter?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Taking some stats

I’ve really been eating like a pig lately and now it’s time to pay the piper.  Today I really do believe my arch fell, my foot is so sore it’s almost on fire.  However, I still wanted to get some sort of a workout done.  I attempted Jillian’s 30 day Shred and I only finished 2 circuits!  Oh well, I tried.  I’m so sore and out of shape.  I’m going to do this for 30 days, so I will post how I finish and what I’ve completed. 

I also took some measurements today – ugh, it’s murder!!!!

Body Part Measurement
Arm 14.5
Stomach 40
Waist 38
Hips 43
Thigh 26
Calf 17

I’m a freaking BOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Plan of action - Part I

Time to hit my issues HARD!!!!  Here's a little run down of how I plan to handle these "situations".  Okay, as far as the whole debt/broke nation thing here's what I hope to do.
- Work on my resume and have a finalized copy by Friday.  A girlfriend of mine has a how to market yourself book that I will be utilizing to accomplish this task.
- Until I'm able to find a position paying more money, I plan to work overtime on a pretty consistent basis so that I can have some extra cash coming in.  With my restrictions, I'm not able to go monkey nuts with the OT maybe one hour a day, but hey every hour adds up.
- Tighten up the financial belt!  This is a biggie, I will be going to the 99/1 rule - 99% of the focus goes to my NEEDS and only 1% to my WANTS.  That means minimal fun, but maximized funds!
- Pay bills consistently and on time!!!  I can't stress this one enough!!!!

Losing weight situation!!!  This one is simple, but it's hard for me to follow
- Make healthier choices
- Track what I eat in Calorie King
- Work out consistently

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

One month at a time - October

I've decided to take this thing one month at a time.  Define attainable goals that I can focus on to chip away at bolder rock that's in front of me.  It's not easy to put myself out there financially and personally; but hey, if I can post bra pictures of the gut I can do this.  I will check in weekly with my goals to assess my progress and then post a month end assessment to see if I stayed on target.  My long term goals are not my focus right now, however I will post them one day.

October goals:
  1. Set up payment arrangements with my two most delinquent credit cards
  2. Go paperless and update my contact/address information with all my peeps
  3. Plan out my meals and snacks so I don't have to spend extra money and time on buying them.  This will also help with my eating plan
  4. Fall clothes shopping for my daughter and I - try to find the best deals for my money
  5. Do something free every week with my daughter
  6. Come up with a budget that I can stick too
  7. Organize my coupons
  8. Clean my desk and shred unwanted paper work
Wow!!  I can already cross one off my list, YAY!!!!!

I'm so ashamed...

I really am ashamed, REALLY!!!

Since my last blog post I've been dealing with many ups and downs.  Not only on the scale, but in my life PERIOD.  I'm at point in my life where I'm utterly dissatisfied with how I've handled certain situations and not really sure how to deal with them from here on out.  Let me explain this in detail, bullet points are usually my go-to way of getting my ideas across in an organized manner.
  • My weight has pretty much been the bane of my existence.  I'm at a point where I'm ready to see changes but not really able to...which leads into my second bullet point
  • I'm unhappy with my current career and financial situation.  I've made some very lousy financial and career decision in my past and now they have crept up to bite me directly in the ass!  I worry about money, paying my bills, reducing/eliminating debt, starting a savings, finding a new position that would lead me into a career, being bored at work, not really sure how to find another job...etc, etc.  All of this makes me extremely anxious and worried about my future.  As a result of my stress, I snack!  And boy do I do it well.  I don't snack on healthy things, I snack on Snicker bars, kettle corn, ice cream, cookies, chips and the list goes on and on.
  • I'm confused as to how I will find stress relief and not really able to make a plan because it seems like everything is coming down on me at once and everything is an absolute priority at the present time. 
I've neglected my blog for far too long and now it's time to be a big girl and sort some things out in my crazy life.  I never meant for my blog to be categorized as one thing or another, but I think its going into the direction of a "get your shit together" blog.  A place where I can publicize and track my goals, release some steam and hopefully see some light at the end of this tunnel.

Buckle up, it's gonna be a bumpy ride!!!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Checking in!

Is it bad for me to admit that I like being sore from exercise?  My abs are sore, but it feels kind of good!!!  The soreness is kind of like my badge of honor; I did this, yesssssssss!!!!!!!

Work out check-in:
Monday - I stepped on the hell stair climber and was devastated to know that the shit hurts!!!!  Five minutes and I was done for the day. 
Tuesday - 45 minutes on the elliptical (thank you Jay-Z and Kanye, without you two I could not have done that)
Wednesday - 45 minutes of circuit and ab training with hurricane Tyrene :) the main reason I am sore!
Today - no workout partner, but I will be completing 45 mins on the elliptical at my home gym and also packing for my trip to the beach!!!


Monday, August 2, 2010


Feeling some kind of way today, not sure what it is.  Maybe the weather, it's quite gloomy here in the old South Cak :(  I woke up, remarkably on time this morning, got dressed, washed up, and headed for work.  All the while I felt like I was missing something.  I'm going to the gym today to get a little mojo back.  Will post this evening, but for now I still feel a little blue...


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Bold moves

This is a very sensitive post for me.  I have never exposed myself on the web, especially not being as out of shape as I am.  I made a promise to a girl friend of mine, she lost a lot of weight a couple of years ago and gained it back, that I would be her partner in weight loss.  I also have Gangstaboo who fell off the wagon a little but she is now motivated.  I think having someone to be accountable too is good, but you also have to be accountable for yourself also.  Now that I have a more secure internet connection, I hope to blog more often and make comments more regularly. 
Okay, now for the sensitive shit…I weighed in this morning, 212.2 lbs.  Good gracious!!!  WTF went through my head first, but then I realized how it happened.  So, I will be taking pictures of my progress along and along just to chronicle my efforts and hold me accountable.  Hold onto your cookies!!!!
 body shots 8-1 003 body shots 8-1 006
Okay, I did warn you!!  But if it makes it any better, I was underarm hairless in the last one.  Whew, I did it!!!  Bra and all!!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Spending some time...

The last week or so has been so hellish.  I hate moving...with that said, I must admit I'm not 100% done yet.  The next time I move, I swear I won't have as much stuff.  A goal that I've chosen to work on is to live with less.  Who needs three bottles of hair spray or so many t-shirts it's unreal.  I'm going to spend this next year downsizing because come this time in 12 months, I will be combining the belongings of three people in a house.  Wow, sometimes I feel like the idea of having a complete household is scary.  It's like having a really big job and not sure how to do it.  But, with every one's help, I'm sure our lives will go on smoothly.

Yesterday, the beau and I went to Lake Murray Dam to fight the heat and the ants.  Needless to say we didn't last long, lol!!
Toot and ants don't mix

That's him!!! 
Fat toot, but not for long!!
Tried to get a panoramic sweep, my hand is not so steady!
Looking at that picture reminds me that I have a ton of work to do.  I'm going to have to commit myself to starting a home gym now, when ladybug comes I may not have time to get to the gym always.  The lake was beautiful, a tad hot.  I wish we could go out on a boat and rip the water up.  I should have taken a picture of the breath-taking houses on the other side.  Gorgeous!  I recently moved into another apartment and I hope a house in on our horizon, not like the million dollar homes on Lake Murray, just something comfy for our little family.

Have a peachy day!!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A letter to myself...

Dear Mitzi,

It's been a crazy year, but it's over!!!  No more fear, no more pain, no more holding back!  This is your year to shine, grow and flourish!  I know best above all people that it was quite difficult and it's hard to let go of a crutch that's been holding you up for so long.  I know you can do it.  You never thought that you would endure an illness such as what you've been through.  I know you've been told how lucky you are and in fact you are a very lucky woman.  I admire what you've been through and what you're about to do.

Don't be afraid, I know it's going to be hard to take this year on and make positive changes in your life; but trust me, I'm here for you every step of the way.  I want you to find confidence in knowing that it's never coming back - you're free!!!  Everything that has been leaning heavy on your heart and body are gone and you can fly without it.  You can fly higher than you've flown before, enjoy your freedom and live in every moment.  When I think about who you want to be, I get a little teary eyed because I see it for you.  I see the woman standing at the end of the tunnel.  After being in the dark so long, she is in the light and waiting for you to embrace her, love her and care for her. 

No sickness, no pain, no excuses to hold you back!!!  Sooo, what are you gonna do first?  The world is open to you, wide open.  I'm honored that you chose me to go along with you on this journey.  I promise to support you, encourage you, challenge you to think differently, comfort you, appreciate you, and most of all LOVE you.  I'm there for you, no matter what.  I will never lie to you to make you feel better or give you a false sense of security.  I will never tell you that you CAN'T do something.  I will never give up on you and I will NEVER stop believing in you.

All my love,

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Now…my life can begin…

For anyone who doesn’t know me, I have a sweet baby girl.  Well, she’s not really a baby anymore she’s six.  But, a while back when she was two I made the decision to follow my goals and allow her to stay with my parents until I achieved them.  I’ve had my ups and my downs, and my fare share of set backs.  I can no longer be separated from my baby.  She is my life and I just want my air back.  So, I’ve put my graduate degree on the back burner (just for a little while, until she’s a little older) and I’ve decided to bring her back to me.  So…as of August, Ladybug will be starting school here where I am and we will start our little piece of perfect.  I know it’s gonna be hard, for everyone.  I am so grateful to my parents for all they have done.  But I really do feel it’s time that I bring my little family together. 

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

On my soap box (for just a spell)...

Seems that my life is all about 1. running around 2. finding myself in an unorganized mess 3. tired and/or sleepy (there is a difference people) 4. motivated (but not sure where it came from). I've been taking some time to think about things and put my life into perspective. Someone who is very special to me told me that a piece of happiness doesn't exist and to accept reality. I've always been a rose-colored glasses type girl and I'm proud of that. It's easy to find life one big, fat disappointment; the true test of life is to find the good in it and to find hope. I never understood why people who are chronic pessimists make it a game to crush the optimism inside of a person. But, I took a chance with my heart and I'm going to see it through to the end, and I am hopeful that it will be a happy ending. I'm tougher and stronger than I seem. Oh yes, I am a happy person, fun, kind and very loving - but believe me, I am true to myself and will stand by the people I love no matter what. You know, it's strange that all my life people seem to get a kick out of pushing my buttons and making sad attempts to break me down. I wonder why that is?

So, while I have to time (no school!!!!) I'm going to take a comprehensive inventory of my life and see where things fit and where they don't. My main focus is to get organized because it seems like I'm living in chaos!! Oh well, I'm going to do this and do it right.

Oh, BTW - couch to 5k going strong!!!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Well, Well, Well…

Look who we have here!  It’s a slacker writing on a blog that she promised to keep up to date and interesting.  Well, what can I say?  I am a slacker and I’m trying to change that slowly, not too fast because I can’t handle change very well.  Summer school has begun and I’m trying to decide if I’m going to make the blog updates an everyday, every other day or once a week thing.  Who knows.  Right now I’m procrastinating so I’m updating to keep from facing reality!!!

Don’t worry, I’ll be back….

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Back in my life part I

Pictures to follow…Hey ya’ll (Imma SOUTHERN girl!!!).  I just wanted to do a pre-post for tonight since I’m running late…AGAIN!!!  I’m back on the get healthy, get fit way of life.  I’m always inspired by people in the blog world, but please check Blackandi’s blog!!!  She’s amazing!  Toned and she sure as hell works hard to get it.  I would like to tone, build muscle and lose fat now more than ever since I know what my body fat % is.  I’m keeping you in the dark until my evening post.  Anywho, check her out and read about her journey. 



Monday, May 10, 2010

Doing something I absolutely hate!!

Tomorrow morning, I will be doing the 30 day shred DVD.  Level 1; 22 minutes with Jillian Michaels is going to be a trip.  I will also be posting my food journal (hated it) and posting pictures of my body (not nekkid) at 200+ lbs.  Haven’t weighed in yet, just waiting for the moment where my nerves enter the building.  For some reason they’re still parking the car.  Well, tomorrow you will get to see all that I have to work on!

Have a peachy evening everyone!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Guess who’s bizzack!!!

Hi everyone!!!  I’m back from my temporary hiatus.  I missed blogging and reading everyone’s blog.  But, I’m done with the Spring Semester and happy to say I have a new LONG list of things to do!  I am going to accomplish them, one at a time.  But, I promised the CEO that I will track my food and stay within my points everyday until my birthday trip.  If not, dinner in the ATL is on me.  So, here’s my list!!!

  1. Clean out my Spring notebooks and prepare my notebooks for summer classes
  2. Blog every night!!!
  3. Pack up clothes for my Goodwill drop off
  4. Complete my 30 day shred rotation
  5. Organize my desk – AGAIN!!!
  6. Clean out my old Tupper Ware and throw away anything that doesn’t have a top or bottom
  7. Clean my car, trunk and all!
  8. Resign my Weight Watchers summer pass
  9. Drink 64 oz of water a day!!

I’m ready and will be updating my status on a daily basis. 

Happy Mother’s Day to all the blogging Mommies!!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

On being accountable

This is a hard post for me, because it feels like I really don’t care about working hard for my health.  I’ll be the first to admit that I’m the girl with a thousand excuses and in my mind, they are very valid ones too.  Like having to study, being tired, sore, afraid to aggravate my blood clots, afraid to hurt myself…I can assure you the list goes on and on.  I am tired, this is true.  But, is this due to the fact that I’m over weight and unhealthy?  I am sore when I work out, true statement.  How does my weight affect this.  Time is never going to change, it’s been this way since the dawn of it; so why am I not changing?  Managing my time has always been a big issue with me, so what am I doing about it?  Nothing.  So, when will I start being accountable for all of this?  Now!!!  No more being unorganized and pressed for time; and then having the audacity to wonder why things are working out for me.  I admit, this will be a long part by part process, but I need to do this before my time to do it is up. 
Le Sighhhhhhhhhhhh……
Until next time and have a peach Monday!

P.S. Thank you Alexia and Paula for inspiring me to write this.  Now sticking to it is the real challenge.

Monday, April 26, 2010

A challenge to myself

I felt very inclined to write this post giving the past week (a great deal of senseless binging going on).  I’m doing the Weight Watchers plan and paying for it to.  I’ve lost a lot of money on weight loss programs in the past, but I’m determined to make this future endeavor work for me.  So, I’m challenging myself to weigh in (that’s the first step) and to post my food journals for the next 30 days.  I need some type of accountability is this joint. 

Have a peachy day!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Yeah, I’ve fell victim to the end of the semester trap!!!!  I promise, I will be back with more Toot Antics.  Until then, Smooches!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Pre weigh-in post

Hello all!

I've been a little M.I.A lately (exams and exhaustion will do that to you!). I just wanted to post something before my weigh in this morning. Yes, I'm hungry as hella-fella, but Nothing before weighing in. Does this really work, I'm just saying. In my 3-month journal, they have a page for Accomplishments and Goals for the week, and here is what I listed as my "This week I commit to" list:

- Tracking all foods - good and bad (did okay with this, still having trouble with weekend tracking. Any ideas are greatly appreciated)
-Walk at least 4 day this week (not good, my sneakers sucked so I was hurting 15 minutes in. Toot got new kicks so I'm on it this week. For that amount of money, it better feel like I'm floating on pigeons!)
-During 64oz of water a day (ehhh, so so - I'm not a water fan, but I'm going to do better this week)
-Don't expect too much too soon (this is big for me because I want to lose 30lbs in the first week, so I'm going into this being realistic)

Okay, that's all folks! Will post the official weigh-in results this afternoon.

Have a peachy day!!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

I am Mitzi aka Toot!!

Found on Sarah's page

Never in my life have I been: To Europe, I want to go sooooo bad. Paris, England, Rome every single square mile of the place.

The one person who can drive me nuts is: Myself, I'm my own worst critic and picker-at-er (is that a word?)

High school: Was great, lots of friends, lots of fun and experiences that I wouldn't change for the world!

When I'm nervous: I get anxious!!

The last song I listened to was: Musiq Soulchild, Teach me.

If I were to get married right now my maid of honour would be: My Beedjka!!!

My hair is: Cut in a bob, dirty, in need of a relaxer

When I was 5: I was quiet, I think. I really can't remember that far back.

Last Christmas: was nice, loved being ith my family

I should be: out of school by now, but I had a few set backs. No turning back now!

The happiest recent event was: Spending time with my family (CEO and Ladybug)

By this time next year: In grad school

There's this girl I know that: Really gangsta (shout out to Gangstaboo!!!)

I like you when: Leave comments on my blog!!!

The world could do without: Snot, roaches, Snakes, bad weather, and people who steal and kill/hurt people

Most recent thing I've bought myself: A new pair of running shoes

Most recent thing someone else bought me: I dunno

My middle name is: Nyrita

The animals I would like to see flying besides birds are: Elephants, that would be too funny

Once, at a bar: I swung on a light pole outside trying my best to imagine it was stripper pole. Oh and I played beer pong for the first time while under the influence of multiple shots of whatever everyone was ordering.

Last night I was: at home in the bed, yes I'm a bum!
There's this guy I know who: Sells bootlegged DVD's and CD's

Tomorrow I am: Going to spend time with my favorite girl :)

Tonight I am: Chilling and doing hair

My birthday is: May 25th

Sunday, April 4, 2010

For Shame!!!

I had a lovely weekend with Ladybug!!  She spent a couple of days with her daddy in Greenville and the remainder of her spring break with me!  Needless to say, I’ve been eating like a kid all weekend, lol!  Can you say Dinosaur shaped chicken tenders and fries, oh and let us not forget honey mustard sauce.  On top of that, I had a baking spell last night and made lemon bars.  Toot loves to bake; it’s relaxing for me.  It’s something about mixing flour, sugar and other things together, popping it in the oven and it coming out super duper yummy.  On top of that, I’m always searching for recipes to try.  My downfall.  But in my defense, I’ve been stressed this week and I used whole wheat flour.  Not my fav, but okay.

While texting Gangstaboo, I inquired about signing up for Weight Watchers, AGAIN!!  She is signing up Monday and I think I’ll tag along.  Weight Watchers does work, you just have to be disciplined and following the healthy guidelines.  I have materials from the millions of times I’ve joined before.  Based on everything, I’m allowed 26 points a day.  Let’s try this again!

Friday, April 2, 2010

A day off with lots to do!

I woke up this morning with a headache, ouch!  So I had a very uninvolved Trader Joe’s pumpkin pancake for breakfast.  Need to have a Trader Joe’s closer to where I live.  Maybe, once I graduate and find a position, there will be one near by.  Oh, and here she is…

april2 002 I was supposed to get up and go to cycle this morning but was unsuccessful.  Hanging my head in shame as I blog.  Speaking of blog, I have my first followers!!!!  I’m so excited, I really would like to thank Linda from Taxi Diaries and Alexia from My Wicked, Wicked Ways for following me.  If you read this, please check em out and follow them as well!!

And now, for a little how-to.  I know this is probably on everyone’s blog, but it’s not on mine :)


I am entirely too poor to afford the name brand Greek Yogurts, although very yummy; I can’t deal with paying $1 and some change for a small container of yogurt.  So here it is!  Here’s what you’ll need…

Fat free Plain yogurt - store brand if fineFat Free Plain Yogurt, big ole tub on the cheap!

april2 004    Coffee filter; I use them for a lot of things other than coffee.

april2 005Strainer, nothing fancy.

april2 006  Separate about 1/3 of the container in a plastic saver; all of the yogurt won’t fit into the coffee filter.

april2 008 april2 009Empty the remaining amount of yogurt into your coffee filter/strainer contraption (I love that word, lol)

april2 010  Put the strainer back on the empty container and place it in the fridge.  I usually let it sit for 12-24 hours.  Usually, I  have to mix a little of the reserved yogurt with the strained portion to thin it out a tad. 

So, there you have it!  My broke cost effective way to achieve Greek Yogurt at home!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

It’s all in a picture…

aprilfools 041

Feeling ultra uncomfortable with my body and not really sure if I have the stamina to deal with the highs and lows of weight loss.  I’m tired of all of this, but I’m not sure what to do.  That little diva in the picture is Ladybug, she’s my daughter.  I’m sick of being the elephant in the room.  But, I just don’t know what to do.  Giving it more than a week is hard!  I’ve gained and I know why, but this is ridiculous.  Maybe I will find the motivation!

…Just Maybe…

Monday, March 29, 2010

Okay - time to face the music

It's time to face up to my mistakes, plan and move on.  I was no angel my first "official" week of this birthday challenge.  Usually, I just wipe out the prior week and start over again without acknowledging what I've done.  Not this time, I'm stopping the cycle of denial.  I did wrong; from Zaxby's to Burger King to those Dayum Kebler Elves!  I did it, no one to blame but me.  But, today is the beginning of a new week and I've decided to make some sort of a plan to get those extra pounds off.  So here it goes...
1) Water, water, water - no less than 64 oz each day
2) Oatmeal for breakfast every morning - keeps me full until my early afternoon snack
3) Lean Cuisines for lunch and dinner - I'm very busy this week.  LadyBug's Spring Break, CEO's birthday, exams X2, and searching for a new shell.  With all that said, I don't have time to do much cooking.
4) Cardio on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday
5) Eating out is at the bare minimum - taking CEO and Ladybug out for a birthday dinner and that should be it.
6) NO BINGING!!!! I don't care how bored I become.  Absolutely NOT!!
Will post my progress each day with a caloric breakdown from Calorie king.

Results of Week 1…Not good at all!!!

Starting Weight: 208.4 lbs

Current Weight: 210.80

Total Loss/Gain: 2.4 gain

I’ll post my failures, successes and game plan for this week tonight.

------>goes to hang my head in shame…

Sunday, March 28, 2010

You know what I forgot!

I forgot to post my Starting weight!  No, I didn’t forget I just didn’t want to post it.  I’m ashamed of myself.  Because at 208.5 lbs I am obese!!!  Obese I tell you!!!  The end…

How do I?

That's a question that I've been asking myself for a while now.  How do I reverse all the bad things that I have done to myself?  How do I deal with the fact right now I can only move but so fast to reach my goals?  How do I make myself feel beautiful and worthy of good things?  How do I handle frustrations?  How do I vanish my doubts?  and a biggie question for me; How do I get over the anxiety of failing?

For the past month or so, I've had so much anxiety building up that I want to close myself off from my dreams so I don't have to face the fact that I might fail.  Why is it so much easier giving up than sticking it out and giving it the biggest fight that I have inside of me?  At the very moment I feel defeated, I run and try to cover my face so it can't see my fear!  When will I learn how to fight?!?!?  I'm not without support systems, but I just don't know how to ask for the support I need.  Some days I find myself crying because my heart is so full; but I'm not quite sure if this is me or the new hormones that taking over my body (long story).  I just want to do what's right, but I find it easier to please others and do the right thing for them instead of me.  I'm moving at a turtle's pace and I truly hate it.  But, then I think back to the story to realize the turtle finished the race.  No matter how slow, or hard, or tiring, or boring, he finished the race and won it!!  It seems that because I'm so uncomfortable in this spot, it's reflecting on how I deal with my life and insecurities.  I mean, let's face it; we all have insecurities, but man, can I just have a front until I can sort some of them out?

I'm in the process of cleaning my apartment for a move.  I'm tired of living there, maintenance sucks and it doesn't feel like home anymore.  I am also cleaning my emotional and physcial house!  I'm not happy in the state that I'm in right now and it's time to move.  I'm the only person that can do it, and I know it's going to be a lonely road.  Am I ready?  How hard will it be?  At times, I want to be sheltered by him so I don't have to go it alone.  I ask him questions to reassure myself that I am okay.  I drill him about my position in his life so I can feel more confident.  I hope that he doesn't see my flaws, but I know he does.  I find it hard to believe that it doesn't bother him, but I hope that he can see the future and not who I was or who I am.  It's who I'm becoming that counts.  I hope that she will be proud of me for my accomplishments.  I hope that she will look up to me and try her best to be better than me.  I hope she knows how much I want to set my bar high for her, so she can acheive great things, because I dream to look up and see her bar above me.  I hope that one day she will read this and know who I was and who I have become.

And...him, if you are reading this - I miss your comments so much!

Keeping an agenda

This is a new week with old goals and new inspiration.  My birthday is ten weeks away. That gives me an abundant amount of time to lose 10 lbs (a pound a week).  That gives me ten weeks to stick to something so that I can make some headway with my list.  On my last post I didn’t elaborate on my plans, just the skeleton.  I ventured to Target today and bought two biggest loser DVDs, on sale for $9.00 – Happy dance. 

march21 001march21 002I like these for many reasons: they feature the biggest loser cast (I loathe skinny people who try to encourage me to work out), you can start off with level one and then increase levels as you build endurance, and the first level plus the warm up is only 25 minutes (good for me since I’m severely pressed for time) and it looks fun.  I plan to do these in the morning before work since I’m not good at working out after work. 

On to the other goals, STUDY, STUDY, STUDY!!!  That will be my life for the next few weeks.  I will be at my desk in the afternoons working on my craft.  If accounting is going to be my life then I’m must put the effort into it.  No more putting it on the back burner.  I can only take this one day at a time!  No other way for me to put it .

On a lighter note, I had a date last night.  A wonderful movie and dinner date; and I’m so happy!!!  Sad that tomorrow is Monday, but since I’m starting to get my focus on…BRING IT ON!!!!!    

Beginning of the…beginning, I guess…

I am declaring that by my birthday, May 25, I will be down 10 lbs!!!!

Starting weight: 205.8

Plan: 30 day shred 3 days a week, cardio 3 days a week

Take pictures and post what I eat (the budding food blogger)

and the….

mach20 010Checking out!!!

New New…and some self discovery

Well, it’s been a few days since the last post.  So far, I enjoy blogging about things other than my weight loss journey (although that is an integral part of why I’m doing this).  It’s a long and hard process, I’m sick of it right now and I haven’t even started all the way.  What is my problem?  I’m just at a point now where my patience is running thin; who am I kidding it’s always been then.  Where in the hell is my patience…good time to write a letter begging for my patience to come back.

Dear Patience,

Where are, where have you been?  I hope all is well, but right now I really need you.  I need you to be there for me and help me through my trials and what not.  This is impossible without you, but I know that I have to make an effort to get you here.  Okay, I’m going to lay everything out on the line; I’m failing at this and I can’t possibly see myself doing it; unless you are here with me.  I’ve taken you for granted so many times and now I’m all in.  I’m all in, Patience.  The only other component I need is you.



Okay, there it is – let’s see if this brings her back. 

Oh, and let’s not forget about the NEW NEW…presenting the NEW Toot!!!

March19 027March19 012On to the weekend!!!     

Traditional Build…

Monday…ughhh!  But at least I’m alive to enjoy this beautifully hectic Monday.  I am again horrified by the thought of having to complete my XBRL project and still learning how to be a night owl and early bird at the same time.  This is going to be very hard for me since I’m not a late person or an early person, sucksville!!  Anyway, I had the most improtu menu today; no planning at all.  McDonalds for breakfast; sausage egg and cheese McMuffin (this is going on my “must have once a month” list).  Sad to say, these are the best breakfast sandwiches EVER – totally rocks my face off.  At one time I attempted to make my own, no comparison.  Then for lunch, an egg salad sandwich BEAST from the Village Gourmet with feta orzo pasta salad on the side.  I also got something else from there, but that will  be mentioned later.

march15 065

march15 064 Don’t let the beige-ness fool you, this junk was DA BUSINESS!!!!!  Anyway…on to the next one.  I also bought and non-pictured lemon bar (not the best, but pretty darn good).  So, I knew Gangstaboo liked these as well and I offered her HALF – notice I said HALF.  She agreed and whipped out the little plastic knife.  Gangstaboo proceeded to to cut half of a half; WTF?  We were supposed to share, 50/50!!!  We split the calories and enjoy every bit of it.  She spoiled my plans for us to indulge in some bad stuff – but I see you Gangstaboo, I SEE YOU!!!

So, I’m watching The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency with Jill Scott; lovely BBW (Big Beautiful Woman) and someone made a comment about her weight.  Prior note, this series is set in Africa.  Her response, I love, “I am a traditional woman, the preference of most men”.  Go on girl!!!  Now, I’m a traditional woman but my health issues are nothing but traditional.  I would love to be that confident in my size and current health status, but right now I’m not.  That's why I have to make some moves, shake some things up and get it cracking up in here before it’s too late. 

- I wonder what Toot can get into tomorrow????  Hmmmm, something to think about. 

One day at a time…

Remember the before I turn 30 list (aka Bucket List) i was telling you all about?  I shall now reveal the bane of my existence; seems like I will never be able to cross anything off.

  1. Lose weight so that I’m within my healthy BMI range
  2. Earn Masters of accounting degree and pass the CPA exam
  3. Pay off old debt (including medical debt, excluding student loan)
  4. Start a substantial emergency savings and nest egg (started nest egg with 401K)
  5. Get a position in an accounting firm (auditing and assurance agent)

As I look at the list, it’s not long but very intimidating because everything on it has so many components that takes a great deal of time to complete.  For all who may not know me, I’m not a patient person.  It’s not easy to keep telling myself “one day at a time” because I get bored and distracted easily.  I have the attention span of a lima bean and it sucks!  I’ve been doing Calorie King religiously for almost 2 weeks now and I’m already feeling that I should have lost 20 lbs by now.  I’ve completed 2 months of my payment schedule for my bills and I believe I should be debt-free with a perfect credit score by now.  See, I’m a quick results kind of person.  Sometimes quick results are not what we need because we need to feel the process to be appreciative of the results that lie ahead.  If I go through the fire to achieve my goals, I won’t take them for granting and then relapse into the same dangerous pattern that got me at that place before.  I always tell myself; you never get what you want (not entirely anyway) but always seem to get what you need. 

Major ramblings…

Today was mucho interesting – not in the sense of an interesting event, just interesting that I got my butt up and went to circuit.  Our company has an excellent wellness center that offers classes throughout the day.  Since I’m in school during the day, I can’t take classes because I spend most of my time making up the time that I’ve been away.  This week, however, I’m on Spring Break!!!  That’s not a big deal for working adult students, because we still have to go to work and go on with our daily schedule.  So I went to the gym :)  glad to say that I did cause I really wanted to stay in my chair, wrapped up in my blanket (since it’s such a gloomy day). 

I start my days the exact same way, every time, no deviation.  A cup of Joe (preferably a Latte 1/2 skim and 1/2 coffee to keep me satisfied).  And I enjoy it in my Pluto mug!!!

march10 039Then, I proceed with my morning particulars: ironing clothes, packing lunch/making breakfast, shower, dress and leave.  Lately this ritual has had me behind schedule, chronically behind schedule.  I miss out on awesome parking spaces and I’m most always there past 4 and 5 (hated it!!!  Ya’ll remember Men on Films???)  So, I’m going to take a stab at getting a lot of this stuff done at night to see how I can function in the AM.  Oh, and guess what I’m currently in love with, so glad I found, never want to see leave…

march10 044 Baby Sweet Peppers!!!!!

These bad boys are so sweet and crunchy, I can’t resist them.  And as an added bonus, they are very healthy.  I picked them up because they were cute (yeah, I’m a shallow bitch, and what) but I fell in love because I got to know them on a deeper level.  We are so a match made in heaven.

Figuring things out and running with a cold

I’m still trying to find the balance in my life, but I think things are starting to come together.  My old blog was a constant reminder of my start and stop pattern.  So, I started a new one that I will be able to keep up with more easily, thanks to Windows Live.  Love this shizzzz!!  I can work on my blog like I’m making a word document and it’s so easy.  Needless to say I want to marry love my computer.  So, what is this blog going to be about?  Let’s just say it’s about a lot of things, my life is all over the place so why not document it all. 

I’m a mother, a student, a daughter, a friend, a lover – a whole lot of things!  Why not share it all?  -----> to the blog post!

I have a cold; it’s been coming down on me for about a week now and finally caught up with my behind.  See, I’m on this mission to lose weight (on my Before I Turn 30 list – coming soon to a blog near you).  I’m always TRYING to eat healthy, but I won’t exercise to save my life.  Enter Gangstaboo ---> She’s my home girl from work, exercises like tomorrow won’t come and is doing very well I might add.  So today, we decided to go running outside (such a beautiful day).  But hey, I have a cold and my inhaler is at home in my gym bag…pretty freaking smart Mitzi.  But what did I do?  I was a trooper and ran 45 minutes with burning lungs, a stuffy nose, throbbing head!  All I can say is….


Welcome to Toot’s world!!

Right now, I’m playing with my new computer and about to leave so I can catch a run with Gangstaboo.  I’ll be back…