Monday, October 11, 2010

Plan of action - Part I

Time to hit my issues HARD!!!!  Here's a little run down of how I plan to handle these "situations".  Okay, as far as the whole debt/broke nation thing here's what I hope to do.
- Work on my resume and have a finalized copy by Friday.  A girlfriend of mine has a how to market yourself book that I will be utilizing to accomplish this task.
- Until I'm able to find a position paying more money, I plan to work overtime on a pretty consistent basis so that I can have some extra cash coming in.  With my restrictions, I'm not able to go monkey nuts with the OT maybe one hour a day, but hey every hour adds up.
- Tighten up the financial belt!  This is a biggie, I will be going to the 99/1 rule - 99% of the focus goes to my NEEDS and only 1% to my WANTS.  That means minimal fun, but maximized funds!
- Pay bills consistently and on time!!!  I can't stress this one enough!!!!

Losing weight situation!!!  This one is simple, but it's hard for me to follow
- Make healthier choices
- Track what I eat in Calorie King
- Work out consistently

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  1. aren't health and financial stuff related? consistency, lots of planning, wanting vs. needing, etc.

    glad that you're blogging again! :)


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