Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday baby!!!

Tomorrow, I'll be picking my babe up from the airport! Can't wait to have him home!
Today's post is bought to you by country fruit salad...

It's real in the field, times are hard for everyone. And as much as I would like a yummy pre-made fruit salad from Publix, I just can't afford to shell out $6 for it #brokelife. So I gathered some fruits from the house, packed them up and yielded my trusty butter knife to construct a fruit salad at my desk. Yep, I'm country - I carry butter knives where ever I go (never know when you need it).
So I saved money on the fruit salad so I can enjoy a relaxing pedi this afternoon! Got to make sure the feet are on point for tomorrow!!!
Happy Friday peeps - I'll holla!!!!!

Planning ahead week 7/31 thru 8/7

My workout schedule for this week
Sunday 7/31 - Body Pump
Monday 8/1 - RPM
Tuesday 8/2 - Personal Training Session
Wednesday 8/3 - RPM
Thursday 8/4- Personal Training Session
Friday 8/5 - REST
Saturday 8/6 - Walk 45 minutes

Calorie burning goal - 1,400 cals

Will update on Sunday with food journal

Have a happy Friday!!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The makings of you....

I love music!  All kinds of music!  My favorite song would be Curtis Mayfeild - The Makings of You.  It's so sweet to me; and just like the person he's singing about, it's hard to describe me.  I'm starting to make an effort to put me on a pedestal and take care of me.  One step to making this happen is acknowleding exactly who I am.  When this process is over, I don't want to be someone I'm not.  That would be too hard to maintain, I just want to be me!

I'm easy-going and flowy like linen sheets in a cool breeze...
I'm quirky and a little silly at times...
I'm a scattered-brained type of person, reeling me in is sometimes impossible...
If I had the body and money to have any style in the world, I would probably choose something simple and sophisticated - easy and elegant.  Lots of natural colors, with a few bright pops here and there.  Beautiful and simple accessories.  Something that I could put together in minutes :)
I'm sweet and loving; I will give you my last if need be.
If I were a flower, I'd be a peony - soft, complex, and beautiful.
I love the simple things in life and a good laugh can make my day...

....The love of all mankind, should reflect some sign...of the words I've tried to recite...they are close, but not quite...Almost impossible to do...reciting, the makings of you....

Those are some makings of me - I'd love to here some makings of you...

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Is that what they really think?'s that time again...Fat B**** Jar time!!!  Well, last week I was at a major gain and this week I had a very minor loss (T.O.M fast approaching).
Beginning Weight: 213.8
Current Weight: 213.4
Loss/Gain: -.4 lbs

Okay, I know that's a sad little number - but hey, I didn't have to pay the Fat B Jar $20!!!!  Winning!!!

Anyway, I cooked bourbon chicken Monday night and will be posting a recipe review vlog tonight for you all.

My soldier is gone again...I'm sad, but it's only for two weeks this time so I feel a little better.  Here he is!

I took him to the airport Friday morning, I was sad and feeling a little homey (yes, I am that way all of the time).  So when I dropped him off, we said our goodbye's and I went on about my day.  So he calls me while he's waiting and tells me...get this...the baggage attendant asked him if I was his mother???!!!!  WTH, do I look that runned down?

Now, I have to admit Brian does not look 30 *don't tell him that* but my damn???  Do I really look that bad to other people.  I always thought I was okay, mousy, but okay non-the-less.  I guess what people perceive really makes a difference in how you see yourself. 

I never want to look like I'm not worth taking care of myself, because in all actuality, I am worth every amount of effort required to take care of ME.  As a mother, it's so easy to put everything in our children and leave ourselves aside for 'next time'.  But most of the time, next time really never comes. 

So today, this day, I am declaring it:

I'M WORTH IT!!!! ARE YOU??????

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Baby let me be your motivation

I really love that song, so sexy and…um…motivating, lol!  It brings me to my topic for this evening: Motivation!!!   What’s your motivation for doing what you do?  Extrinsic motivation is easy, I want to lose weight to look  a certain way or fit in this or that.  But the intrinsic motivation is what I have issues with.  It’s what keeps me going, that self-motivation that is supposed to keep me going. 

If I’m going to have a body similar to this:


I’m going to have to get on the motivation.  And yes, Sanaa has my dream body and yes, I hate her for it. 

I’m note going to post pictures of certain outfits I would like to fit into, or a bikini that I would love to see myself in.  Instead, I’m going to post a picture of 1 of 2 motivational tools that I plan to use to help me get on track.


I bought a new planner, just for my workouts, food intake, and weight/measurement log.  I just started writing in it and hopefully Sunday night I can start planning, grocery shopping, and filing my week with good intentions, positive actions, and amazing results.  and before I know it, October 12th will be here and I can I worked my hardest and I can see some great changes on the horizon!!!


Soooooo…What’s your motivation?????

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My dinner tonight when I really wanted Chinese food...remember Mitzi, you're eating for the body you want...

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

12 weeks and 6 days!

Hey y'all!!!  Got my workout in this AM - kicked my ass since I was fresh off of vacation (stay tuned for vacation post tonight).  Torrey worked my legs and a little bit of abs.  The leg workout was not too major, but since I had been lazy for a little over a week, it was for me!
- split squats (12/10)
- Alternate leg pressess (12/10 each leg)
- Deep squat with plate, a little shoulder work in there too (12/10)
- Deep leg presses (12/10)
- Side lunges on the stairs (12/10 each leg)
- Incline plank (60 secs)
- Reverse crunch on bench (20/20)
- Cardio: 20 mins on treadmill

Eating plan today: mostly liquids to detox a bit since I'm cooking my meals for the rest of the week tonight I don't want to eat out today. 
pre-workout: half whole wheat begal with peanut butter (I think I'll try it plain next time, the pb was a little to much for that early in the morn)
I had coffee so far, lots of water, some Bolthouse Green Juice, Soup at Hand-Creamy Chicken)

Tomorrw is....FAT BITCH JAR weigh-in!!!!

Have a lovely day everyone and stay cool - it's gonna be hot as a bitch outside today!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

And she says….

“I challenge you to get lean!!!”  Yep, that’s what my trainer approached me with, via text message at that!!!  She is concerned with my body fat percentage, yep folks, it’s pretty high.  It’s so high, that I’m in danger of doing some serious damage to my organs.  Sad, but it’s true!  And you know what I happily accepted her challenge!  So, here it’s my plan.

Timeline: 12 weeks (ending: October 10th)

Mini goal 1: deadline – August 11th lose 15 lbs

Mini goal 2: deadline – September 11th lose 10 lbs

Final goal 3: deadline – October 10th, lose 10 lbs and decrease my body fat by 5% (minimum)

Training schedule:

Day 1: Weight training with 20 mins cardio

Day 2: 30-45 mins cardio

Day 3: Rest

Day 4: Weight Training with 20 mins cardio

Day 5: 30-45 mins cardio

Day 6: Rest

Day 7: Weight Training in 20 mins cardio

Nutrition: no less than 1200 calories, never go below that minimum.  My caloric intake will be based on my workout intensity.

Meal 1: egg whites with oatmeal

Meal 2: Natural PB, 1 slice whole wheat toast, strawberries

Meal 3: Chicken breast, sweet potato, and broccoli

Meal 4: Chicken breast, brown rice and spinach

Meal 5: Lean fish and veggies

Pre-workout snack: 1/2 whole wheat begal

Post-workout snack: protein shake with milk

How I plan to track my progress:  I plan on weighing in every Wednesday Fat Bitch Jar still in full effect (BTW, I will be owing this week).  I also plan to take my measurements once a month and measure my body fat once a month.

My trainer is a really big fan of the body building site, I’ve been on there before and I like the information as well. 

So, if you want to join me…let’s get lean together!!!!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hello from Allendale….

Hi all, just a quickie!  On our way to Florida, lots of fun to be had.  Sorry I’ve been M.I.A for the past few days; this blog is always on my mind.  I hope everyone had a happy fourth. 

I’ll leave you with a little someone special saying ‘Hello’ from Dale-city…


This bad boy was eyeing me down!!!!  So pretty though, gotta love the country!!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy burfday America!!!

What up blog-buddies!!! Happy Fourth of July!!!! I've been in Allendale, SC celebrating the fourth with Brian and his family this weekend, no signal at all for me there so I'm doing a quick post while we are in a near-by town.
I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday!!! Stay cool while grilling out, it's gonna be HOT!!!!!