Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Is that what they really think?'s that time again...Fat B**** Jar time!!!  Well, last week I was at a major gain and this week I had a very minor loss (T.O.M fast approaching).
Beginning Weight: 213.8
Current Weight: 213.4
Loss/Gain: -.4 lbs

Okay, I know that's a sad little number - but hey, I didn't have to pay the Fat B Jar $20!!!!  Winning!!!

Anyway, I cooked bourbon chicken Monday night and will be posting a recipe review vlog tonight for you all.

My soldier is gone again...I'm sad, but it's only for two weeks this time so I feel a little better.  Here he is!

I took him to the airport Friday morning, I was sad and feeling a little homey (yes, I am that way all of the time).  So when I dropped him off, we said our goodbye's and I went on about my day.  So he calls me while he's waiting and tells me...get this...the baggage attendant asked him if I was his mother???!!!!  WTH, do I look that runned down?

Now, I have to admit Brian does not look 30 *don't tell him that* but my damn???  Do I really look that bad to other people.  I always thought I was okay, mousy, but okay non-the-less.  I guess what people perceive really makes a difference in how you see yourself. 

I never want to look like I'm not worth taking care of myself, because in all actuality, I am worth every amount of effort required to take care of ME.  As a mother, it's so easy to put everything in our children and leave ourselves aside for 'next time'.  But most of the time, next time really never comes. 

So today, this day, I am declaring it:

I'M WORTH IT!!!! ARE YOU??????


  1. yes, u are worth it! I dont have kids, but from what I know, mama has to keep herself looking stellar right along with her kiddos. always make time for yourself no matter what...even its its 5 mins. you are worth it!

  2. I had someone ask me if I was my besties mom when I was heavy! I was like whoa! I'm actually a couple of months younger than her! Now I'm a MILF and everyone thinks my boyfriend is my daddy since he has grey hair lmao! I do call him daddy though :-)

  3. WHAT! Girl, hell to the yeah I am worth it. I'm not gonna lie sometimes I do leave the house busted, but sometimes I'm just to damn tired to care.

  4. @doing it my weigh I completely agree. Five mins is all it takes to take care of your star player :)
    @miesha you're a MILF!!! I love it!!! I wish Brian would let me call him daddy ;)
    @ Trina no more 'I'm busyed' days. Gotta take care of you!!!


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