Thursday, July 14, 2011

Baby let me be your motivation

I really love that song, so sexy and…um…motivating, lol!  It brings me to my topic for this evening: Motivation!!!   What’s your motivation for doing what you do?  Extrinsic motivation is easy, I want to lose weight to look  a certain way or fit in this or that.  But the intrinsic motivation is what I have issues with.  It’s what keeps me going, that self-motivation that is supposed to keep me going. 

If I’m going to have a body similar to this:


I’m going to have to get on the motivation.  And yes, Sanaa has my dream body and yes, I hate her for it. 

I’m note going to post pictures of certain outfits I would like to fit into, or a bikini that I would love to see myself in.  Instead, I’m going to post a picture of 1 of 2 motivational tools that I plan to use to help me get on track.


I bought a new planner, just for my workouts, food intake, and weight/measurement log.  I just started writing in it and hopefully Sunday night I can start planning, grocery shopping, and filing my week with good intentions, positive actions, and amazing results.  and before I know it, October 12th will be here and I can I worked my hardest and I can see some great changes on the horizon!!!


Soooooo…What’s your motivation?????


  1. Great tools. I also have a notebook that I keep track of all my exercises and plan my exercises for the next day. I also read OXYGEN and MUSCLE FITNESS HERS.

    Looks like you are doing a great job!

  2. A notebook to track workouts/progress is an excellent idea! I may have to steal that idea. I am motivated first and foremost by the fact that my high blood pressure is a result of my every pound I lose, I am closer to being totally off the blood pressure meds. Beyond that, I just wanna create a bangin' body that I am happy mags, books along with talking to people who have lost a lot of weight really keeps me going!

  3. Maybe I need a notebook, I need something b/c I can't keep it together.

  4. @misshaneefa I've read muscle fitness hers I wish I could be that fit.
    @doing it my weigh I love the planner it keeps me organized and focused. You will do great. I have type II diabetes so I have a lot to work for too.
    @Trina girl keep it Together it's hard, shoot damn near impossible for me!


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