Tuesday, July 12, 2011

12 weeks and 6 days!

Hey y'all!!!  Got my workout in this AM - kicked my ass since I was fresh off of vacation (stay tuned for vacation post tonight).  Torrey worked my legs and a little bit of abs.  The leg workout was not too major, but since I had been lazy for a little over a week, it was for me!
- split squats (12/10)
- Alternate leg pressess (12/10 each leg)
- Deep squat with plate, a little shoulder work in there too (12/10)
- Deep leg presses (12/10)
- Side lunges on the stairs (12/10 each leg)
- Incline plank (60 secs)
- Reverse crunch on bench (20/20)
- Cardio: 20 mins on treadmill

Eating plan today: mostly liquids to detox a bit since I'm cooking my meals for the rest of the week tonight I don't want to eat out today. 
pre-workout: half whole wheat begal with peanut butter (I think I'll try it plain next time, the pb was a little to much for that early in the morn)
I had coffee so far, lots of water, some Bolthouse Green Juice, Soup at Hand-Creamy Chicken)

Tomorrw is....FAT BITCH JAR weigh-in!!!!

Have a lovely day everyone and stay cool - it's gonna be hot as a bitch outside today!!

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  1. Excellent workout! How is that Bolthouse Green Juice? I have been meaning to give it a try.


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