Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday baby!!!

Tomorrow, I'll be picking my babe up from the airport! Can't wait to have him home!
Today's post is bought to you by country fruit salad...

It's real in the field, times are hard for everyone. And as much as I would like a yummy pre-made fruit salad from Publix, I just can't afford to shell out $6 for it #brokelife. So I gathered some fruits from the house, packed them up and yielded my trusty butter knife to construct a fruit salad at my desk. Yep, I'm country - I carry butter knives where ever I go (never know when you need it).
So I saved money on the fruit salad so I can enjoy a relaxing pedi this afternoon! Got to make sure the feet are on point for tomorrow!!!
Happy Friday peeps - I'll holla!!!!!


  1. Girl PLEASE hommeade fruit salads are the BEST!!!! and yours looks good.
    Enjoy your honey this weekend :-) :-)

  2. Thanks Chica! Girl it was something like da bomb too!!

  3. Aint nothing wrong with a country fruit salad! Truth be told, ALL my salads are country. #ballinonabudget


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