Sunday, August 1, 2010

Bold moves

This is a very sensitive post for me.  I have never exposed myself on the web, especially not being as out of shape as I am.  I made a promise to a girl friend of mine, she lost a lot of weight a couple of years ago and gained it back, that I would be her partner in weight loss.  I also have Gangstaboo who fell off the wagon a little but she is now motivated.  I think having someone to be accountable too is good, but you also have to be accountable for yourself also.  Now that I have a more secure internet connection, I hope to blog more often and make comments more regularly. 
Okay, now for the sensitive shit…I weighed in this morning, 212.2 lbs.  Good gracious!!!  WTF went through my head first, but then I realized how it happened.  So, I will be taking pictures of my progress along and along just to chronicle my efforts and hold me accountable.  Hold onto your cookies!!!!
 body shots 8-1 003 body shots 8-1 006
Okay, I did warn you!!  But if it makes it any better, I was underarm hairless in the last one.  Whew, I did it!!!  Bra and all!!!

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