Monday, March 29, 2010

Okay - time to face the music

It's time to face up to my mistakes, plan and move on.  I was no angel my first "official" week of this birthday challenge.  Usually, I just wipe out the prior week and start over again without acknowledging what I've done.  Not this time, I'm stopping the cycle of denial.  I did wrong; from Zaxby's to Burger King to those Dayum Kebler Elves!  I did it, no one to blame but me.  But, today is the beginning of a new week and I've decided to make some sort of a plan to get those extra pounds off.  So here it goes...
1) Water, water, water - no less than 64 oz each day
2) Oatmeal for breakfast every morning - keeps me full until my early afternoon snack
3) Lean Cuisines for lunch and dinner - I'm very busy this week.  LadyBug's Spring Break, CEO's birthday, exams X2, and searching for a new shell.  With all that said, I don't have time to do much cooking.
4) Cardio on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday
5) Eating out is at the bare minimum - taking CEO and Ladybug out for a birthday dinner and that should be it.
6) NO BINGING!!!! I don't care how bored I become.  Absolutely NOT!!
Will post my progress each day with a caloric breakdown from Calorie king.

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