Sunday, March 28, 2010

One day at a time…

Remember the before I turn 30 list (aka Bucket List) i was telling you all about?  I shall now reveal the bane of my existence; seems like I will never be able to cross anything off.

  1. Lose weight so that I’m within my healthy BMI range
  2. Earn Masters of accounting degree and pass the CPA exam
  3. Pay off old debt (including medical debt, excluding student loan)
  4. Start a substantial emergency savings and nest egg (started nest egg with 401K)
  5. Get a position in an accounting firm (auditing and assurance agent)

As I look at the list, it’s not long but very intimidating because everything on it has so many components that takes a great deal of time to complete.  For all who may not know me, I’m not a patient person.  It’s not easy to keep telling myself “one day at a time” because I get bored and distracted easily.  I have the attention span of a lima bean and it sucks!  I’ve been doing Calorie King religiously for almost 2 weeks now and I’m already feeling that I should have lost 20 lbs by now.  I’ve completed 2 months of my payment schedule for my bills and I believe I should be debt-free with a perfect credit score by now.  See, I’m a quick results kind of person.  Sometimes quick results are not what we need because we need to feel the process to be appreciative of the results that lie ahead.  If I go through the fire to achieve my goals, I won’t take them for granting and then relapse into the same dangerous pattern that got me at that place before.  I always tell myself; you never get what you want (not entirely anyway) but always seem to get what you need. 

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