Sunday, March 28, 2010

Keeping an agenda

This is a new week with old goals and new inspiration.  My birthday is ten weeks away. That gives me an abundant amount of time to lose 10 lbs (a pound a week).  That gives me ten weeks to stick to something so that I can make some headway with my list.  On my last post I didn’t elaborate on my plans, just the skeleton.  I ventured to Target today and bought two biggest loser DVDs, on sale for $9.00 – Happy dance. 

march21 001march21 002I like these for many reasons: they feature the biggest loser cast (I loathe skinny people who try to encourage me to work out), you can start off with level one and then increase levels as you build endurance, and the first level plus the warm up is only 25 minutes (good for me since I’m severely pressed for time) and it looks fun.  I plan to do these in the morning before work since I’m not good at working out after work. 

On to the other goals, STUDY, STUDY, STUDY!!!  That will be my life for the next few weeks.  I will be at my desk in the afternoons working on my craft.  If accounting is going to be my life then I’m must put the effort into it.  No more putting it on the back burner.  I can only take this one day at a time!  No other way for me to put it .

On a lighter note, I had a date last night.  A wonderful movie and dinner date; and I’m so happy!!!  Sad that tomorrow is Monday, but since I’m starting to get my focus on…BRING IT ON!!!!!    

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