Sunday, March 28, 2010

Traditional Build…

Monday…ughhh!  But at least I’m alive to enjoy this beautifully hectic Monday.  I am again horrified by the thought of having to complete my XBRL project and still learning how to be a night owl and early bird at the same time.  This is going to be very hard for me since I’m not a late person or an early person, sucksville!!  Anyway, I had the most improtu menu today; no planning at all.  McDonalds for breakfast; sausage egg and cheese McMuffin (this is going on my “must have once a month” list).  Sad to say, these are the best breakfast sandwiches EVER – totally rocks my face off.  At one time I attempted to make my own, no comparison.  Then for lunch, an egg salad sandwich BEAST from the Village Gourmet with feta orzo pasta salad on the side.  I also got something else from there, but that will  be mentioned later.

march15 065

march15 064 Don’t let the beige-ness fool you, this junk was DA BUSINESS!!!!!  Anyway…on to the next one.  I also bought and non-pictured lemon bar (not the best, but pretty darn good).  So, I knew Gangstaboo liked these as well and I offered her HALF – notice I said HALF.  She agreed and whipped out the little plastic knife.  Gangstaboo proceeded to to cut half of a half; WTF?  We were supposed to share, 50/50!!!  We split the calories and enjoy every bit of it.  She spoiled my plans for us to indulge in some bad stuff – but I see you Gangstaboo, I SEE YOU!!!

So, I’m watching The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency with Jill Scott; lovely BBW (Big Beautiful Woman) and someone made a comment about her weight.  Prior note, this series is set in Africa.  Her response, I love, “I am a traditional woman, the preference of most men”.  Go on girl!!!  Now, I’m a traditional woman but my health issues are nothing but traditional.  I would love to be that confident in my size and current health status, but right now I’m not.  That's why I have to make some moves, shake some things up and get it cracking up in here before it’s too late. 

- I wonder what Toot can get into tomorrow????  Hmmmm, something to think about. 

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