Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My commitments

Hey everyone!!! I'm just checking in for a little post, this week is going by fast and I still have my tag blog to finish, post my vlog for Friday, and work on some blog topics the rest of the week.

I'm making commitments to myself and also making some affirmations to put my dream in the atmosphere so that the universe will act in my favor.

- 2012 I WILL be a home owner
- 2012 I WILL complete my Master's degree
- 2012 I WILL get healthy and lose weight
- 2012 I WILL get my little side hustle up and running (stay tuned foe details)
- 2012 I WILL love ME so hard it hurts

What are you speaking into fruition this year???

Happy hump day!!!


  1. I have a few things I need to put out there in the universe and clam it!


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