Monday, January 17, 2011

Busted Can Of Buscuits...

Okay, before I write this post I want you all to know that I was mortified at the events I am about to recount. It was a funny situation, but seriously, I was soooo upset. Anywhooooo....
Last night, I was about to take a shower, removed my clothing and thought, "hey, why don't I iron my clothes now before my shower because when I'm done it's lights out". I had no problem with this because it was just me and Brian so I let go of my inhibitions and just started iron butt A** naked. Little did I know, Brian was taking a video of me the whole entire time, from the back. Ya'll, I swear I was horrified at what I saw....A BUSTED DAMN CAN OF BISCUITS!!!!!!
WTH?????!!!! I was so disgusted, I almost threw up in my mouth!!!! Seriously, I can't get that awful image out of my head. Of course Brian laughed it off because he says it doesn't bother him, but this what I really look like? I must be in a state of utter denial because I didn't think it was that bad. Hurt as I was, I tried to make a joke out of it, but on the inside I was crying. Screaming, confused, sobbing, weeping, curled up in a ball in the corner of a dark room - yep, all that shit!! (I'm usually not a huge cursor on my blog, but I'm distraught right now).

I wonder if I really don't see myself for how I really look? NO BULLSHIT- not anymore, I'm going to take the responsibility for my actions and my health and get this mess over with. But for me, giving up is way easier than trying, but dammit I'm going to try.

Thank you for letting me vent, I promise the next post will be more along the lines of a 'Toot' post.



  1. Wow, you made me laugh with this one. I know how you feel, sometimes I have to step back because if I were to criticize everything in the mirror , I would be there all damn day!

  2. LMMAAAOOOO.....girl I have tears. I am sure it wasnt that damn bad...LOLLL.
    I'm giving you an award on my blog. Check tomorrows post. Keep up the great work..stay focused :-)

  3. hahahahahahahahahaha. i'm with ro + haneefa!! hilarious. i feel your pain, but how you expressed it was so funny. i had to google what busted can of biscuits means. ahhhh. that was a good laugh. praise jesus no one has photographed me naked bc it would be utterly depressing. let's use what we don't like to see in the mirror or what's photographed as motivation, huh? let's fight for the things we can change.


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