Monday, November 14, 2011

Manic Monday's!

Happy Monday everyone!!  As usual, this is my long day...boooooo. So I will be doing my usual lunch/dinner combo.  Get a 12 inch sub - 6 inches for lunch and 6 for dinner before class.  Anywho, on to the good stuff.

Weigh-in stats:
Beginning weight - 211.2
Current weight - 209.6
Loss/Gain - (1.6)

My eats for today:

Breakfast: Coffee with cream, clementines x 2, and some stale azz Puffins
Lunch: Blimpie Turkey on Honey Oat
Dinner: Blimpie Turkey on Honey Oat
Snack: Chobani, Land O Lakes Cheese, Popcorn maybe

I did accomplish 15 mins of Turbo Fire HIIT this morning.  I was sweating and breathing heavy like a sow!!  Let me tell you, I am an out of shape bitch!!!


  1. Guurrrhhhhlllllll I am loving that LOSS!
    and I sniggled at them stale ass puffins!
    That menu sounds good.
    *high fives*

  2. Guuurrrllll those Puffins were the devil this morning. Everytime I put one in my mouth, I had to shake my damn head. I just got the box a week ago - Kroger is now officially on probation, the ghetto Kroger is on the list for sure. I'll see if the Kroger on the good side of town can redeem the chain!
    Thanks hun, I'm reading your post about the meet up (jealous girl ova here)

  3. You sub sounds soooo delicious. Congrats on the loss :)

  4. @MissHaneefa - that thing was! I ate a little more than half at lunch so I will most def be starving by 8:00 0_o

  5. How was Turbo Fire? I have been thinking about adding that to my dvd collection. I would be a horrible follower if I didn't congratulate you on your loss! Keep it up.

  6. @MizzWhite Turbo fire is intense girl! I'm not a fan of the music so I usually hook my Pandora up and blast that. You know what, we should try to do a fitness DVD swap one day. That would be fun!


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