Sunday, May 27, 2012

Goal number 23 – Mission Complete!!!

Paint a piece of artwork for my new home (see goal #3)

This weekend was my birthday weekend and the girls and I are trying to implement a monthly girls weekend or girls night out. So guess what, May was my month and I chose to do a Grapes and Gallery night where we paint and drink wine. Totally had my bucket list in mind when planning this outing!

This was SOOOO much fun! first we went to eat at Myabi’s – Spider roll and Dragon Roll on deck. This was AMAZING!!!  The spider roll was a soft shell crab and the dragon roll was a crab and tuna roll. So good!!


Here are some pics from the event!  Our painting for the night was poppies – so easy to do, and painting is so relaxing….almost puts you in a trance.


My friend’s Dana and Allison


My tools, the wine was VERY necessary


We are ready (Sheena and Allison)


That’s my girl Robyn AKA Beedjka!!!


Dana giving me some birthday love – Love these girls!!!

IMG_3531 IMG_9501

Allison and I being silly!


My painting – just started with the grass and clouds


Adding some more details!


The finished painting, I was so proud!!!!

All-in-all, we had an awesome time!  We laughed, joked, drank, and painted until we could paint anymore. And the cool thing about the class is that even though we did the same painting, everyone’s painting was different! 


Smooches from the MNC + 1 – She was adopted into our circle, lol!

Happy Memorial Day and please don’t forget to thank those who have served and who are serving our country!!!

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