Thursday, August 9, 2012


Hey everyone! I've been so busy with moving and getting settled that I wanted to give you all a quick update about what's been going on with me! The move went along really well, however the moving bastards stole my change jar, my grill pan and my freaking George Foreman grill! Really, tell me how you have those items on your truck and not give me a call when you get back to let me know they were left behind. I guess it's because those were things I didn't pack in boxes and was going to put in my car, but they grabbed everything I didn't grab in time trying to make the move go faster. So I called the moving company and they said they didn't have a record for those items on the log and he couldn't confirm if they were actually packed. He did offer me to use my insurance, 6 cents for every pound but I hate paperwork so I said F it :( you live and you learn. I hope someone is making some banging chicken on my pan and grill - I wonder if they used my change to pay for it? LOL, got to laugh to keep from crying.

So, in other news the job is going great! So happy to be with a company I can see myself moving up with. Downfall to the last three weeks has been being stuck in a training room with six other people. This one guy says AX instead of ASK when he's talking to people and he types loud...banging my head against the desk may get me committed so I keep my ear buds in, lol! The area is great; my cousin and his wife lives here and they invited me to her birthday cookout last Saturday. Their friends are hilarious and I can see myself hanging out with them on a regular basis. Bad note, I have yet to find a hair salon...about to get on the hunt for that asap!

I've also signed up for a home buying program in my area! I'm so excited because I'm am too through with apartments! I'm hoping to be in a home by the end of my lease, so y'all keep me in your thoughts and send me some good home-buyer vibes. My first workshop is next month...4 HOURS in the hell am I supposed to survive that? Well, like they say...anything worth having is worth working for. So, I hope to add home owner to my hat rack soon. I'm excited, my daughter and I deserve to be in a space we can call our own, with a big yard, and a community she can grow up in. The terms of the program are pretty rigorous, but like I said, I WANT THIS so I'm going to do whatever it takes!

I also received a Lieber award from Ebb's and I will post that tonight...if I can get my Internet to work. Dammit Time Warner Cable :(

Anywho, I look forward to blogging more often and crossing more things off my list. I have something coming up for next month so stay tuned!


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  1. That guy MUST BE West Indian. When I was young I used to ALWAYS say AXE (my parents are from Trinidad) people used to always make fun of me. "You axe a tree, not a question." I quickly trained myself to stop.


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