Thursday, August 23, 2012

Never have I ever...

I was talking to a claimant today with terminal prostate cancer, he was given no hope at surviving and during our phone interview all he could talk about was the little things he's never done. It brought tears to my eyes because the small desires that we push back really impact us in the end. His list was so simple, so pure and so moving that I decided to make one up of my own.

- I have never colored my hair. I'll be doing this really soon.
- I have never gone on a picnic in the park. When asked by guys I've dated, this is always at the top of my list; but I guess it was never excited enough to them. I'll just have to take myself.
- I have never watched a sunrise. I want to this so bad, I may get this done tomorrow. I wish I had a beautiful back drop though.
- I have never walked willing in the rain. I would love to just feel the freedom of being carefree.
- I have never kissed a guy I'm with in front of my parents.
- I have never been skinny dipping (had to add a fun one in there!!)

The thing we most take for granted is time. We feel it's ours until we become old and that we have time to do all the things we want to do. If I had all the time in the world I would so much but I know we are all in borrowed time. He ended our conversation by saying I would have hugged a bit longer and laughed a lot harder, never forget that. He has inspired me to squeeze every moment of happiness out of life, he has inspired me to just dance and laugh and smile and enjoy everything that comes my way. How unfortunate are those who know they are limited and have to deal with the inevitability of death everyday that they wake up. My heart hurts for him because he is at the prime of his life, only 47, and he has to say so many goodbyes so soon. What are some never have I Evers on your list?


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