Thursday, June 30, 2011

FBJ weigh-in results...

Drum roll please ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Beginning weight: 210.2
Current weight: 209.2
Loss/Gain: -1 lb
YAYYYYYY!!!!  I don't owe the FBJ any money!!!  Take that B*****!!!!  Hell, to be honest I didn't have $20 to put in that thing.  But, I didn't let Gangstaboo know - she would finally realize I'm dealing with a terrible disease called The Brokeness!!!  I was talking about that with Brian yesterday how when we put THE in front of a health condition, it makes it sound much worse: THE sugar, THE gout, THE AIDS....funny how we do, lol!

I had my personal training/kick my teeth out from the inside session this AM - it was great, like I said before I have high hopes for Torrey.  She's a little high strung in the morning, but I can deal!

Have a lovely day everyone!!! 

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