Monday, June 27, 2011

Party Over…

Hey Hey Hey!!!!  My vacay is over…boo…next week I’m going back on vacation…yayyyyy!!!!  Brian and his family have invited to go on their Florida vacation with them.  How cool is that??  It’s always great to be accepted by your significant other’s family and friends.  In my case, my parents really don’t accept Brian or our situation (living together, not married, may not have any intentions on getting married – but that’s a whole other blog post) but hopefully they will come around.

We went to Atlanta – ATL Shawty!!!!  For a concert and a little get-away since Brian had been in OK for 2 months and AL for 2 weeks.  Of course, my bad blogger habits, I didn’t take many pictures.  I wish I had a snazzy Nikon to hang around my neck for easy picture access, but here are a few.  DSC01399 Brian going H.A.M on some pastry from Cafe Intermezzo.


Me being Sassy ( I had to crop the toilet out of the picture, lol!)

I promise, I will take more pictures when we go to Florida.  I promise!!!!!!

Tomorrow: Fat Bitch Jar Eve…


  1. Yaaasss
    That Hip
    and that Dress
    LOVEs IT :-)
    you look majorly cute.
    hope you guys had fun :-)

  2. Thanks Ro!!! As you can see
    I was feeling myself just a little :)


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