Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It’s been a long time…

Hey you guys!!!  How have I missed this!!!  I’m sitting on my couch listening to season 5 of Girlfriends (please bring the show back) blogging my little heart away.  I’ve got a lot to say sooooo….listen up!!!

How do you guys like my new blog design?????  I LOVE IT!!!!  Jen with http://justfoolinblogdesigns.blogspot.com/ designed my new blog and she is great!  The experience was amazing.  She gave me everything I wanted for my blog.  I LOVE peacock feathers; they’re complex and beautiful and I just love the way they look.  Jen hooked me UP!!!!  I love the way it’s beautiful, kind of quirky…sooooo me.  So if you need to spruce up your blog or in need of a change, please check her out!!  You will not be disappointed!!

Next up….MY QUARTER IS OVER!!!!!  I’m so free right now, I don’t know what to do with myself.  I’m torn between cleaning like a MF and sleeping.  I’m not sure, what would you go with?  I have a week off and then I will be taking one easy class for the summer.  That means I will be doing a lot of work on these goals of mine.  I’ve chipped at a few already so I need to do a goal update post.

Moving on…I plan to blog a whole lot more!!!  Diva is not going to neglect wonderfully-complex, so stay tuned for more pictures, more vlogs, and more updates!!!  I really want to start accomplishing some of the goals that I haven’t been able to stick too, and I want to document every step of the way!

Now onto something a little more serious…Lately I have been having some irregular-type heart beats and those bad boys are scary.  I know they are related to my bad eating habits and my sedentary lifestyle.  I’m afraid, but I have to do something about it.  So, if you stay tuned I’ll tell you about the fat B@%&* Jar!!!

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  1. Thank you TOOT! It was such fun working with you!!!!


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