Saturday, March 3, 2012

Ummm yeah right

Hi lovely readers!! As I told you Wednesday I was going to do the medifast diet for the month or March; please see title for the reason why I'm scrapping this now. Ummm to freaking intense for me, all protein all the time left me feeling like one big giant headache :( no bueno. Spent all of last night in the bed with a headache. So I decided to kick off my low carb lifestyle, south beach diet (sbd) a little early. I did pretty good today.

B- boiled egg whites, Jimmy dean turkey sausage, spicy v-8 juice

S1-Activia yogurt

L-zazby's grilled house salad


The bomb with just salt and pepper and with the sunflower oil - healthy fats in the house

D-baked chicken tenderloins with asparagus mixed veggies

S3- not sure yet

With this being my time of the month (I know TMI) I really want a big bowl of ice-cream :(

This is a lazy weekend for me, just reading and doing homework. I will be getting into the gym tomorrow morning with a new workout partner! Hopefully we can put in some major work!



  1. I agree, a low carb diet could be very challenging in the first week. I hope (SBD) works out better for you!! :-)

  2. Good Luck to you with your new diet....keep us updated with your progress using it.

  3. LOL at the title! What's a medifast diet? girl I cannot do tuna...only albacore. For some reason tuna reminds me of cat food, especially is it comes out of a can:-D


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