Sunday, June 17, 2012

Hey Life…

At this moment I can most honestly say that I am just along for the ride. On this road that my life has chosen for me, I am merely and passenger. No control, what so ever. Clearly, I am being taught serious lesson in releasing my grip and just being patient.  I was hoping to be writing a post on completing another task off my bucket list, but that has been put on hold. 

With these last few weeks, I have placed many wants and desires into the universe – just hoping to see what comes back down to surprise me. Hopefully, it will be all good; but most of all I hope it just BE. I have a busy week ahead of me; lots of appointments, work, fun, and decisions. While I take some time to ponder where this road is headed, I will leave you with this…

Dear Life,

Whatever it is you’re trying to teach me…I am here to learn.




  1. Thats a great attitude to have Toot and your not alone. :)

  2. @Jin and Ro - I feel helpless and hopeful at the same time! Let's enjoy this ride!



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