Monday, June 25, 2012

What I’m working on…

Last night, I made some pecan bars for my co-workers (baking is my therapy). They came out sooooo good!!!  I was tempted to eat more than one, but I held off because my little butt has been faithful in the gym.  Then, one of my co-workers told me I need to go into business….hmmmmmm….that was seriously on my mind for a little while as a side hustle.  Somehow, life got into the way and it fell off.  So, I’m starting to take this thing a little more seriously.  Time to dig out my Photoshop!  Please be on the look out for….


This is the logo idea that I have so far.  I have a friend who is a graphics design major and she can help me with the rest!

I’m so excited – I can’t wait to birth this dream into a reality!!!



  1. I would be HONORED to be your genie pig/taste tester/SEND ME SOME!!

  2. Ro, girl if I could I sure would. My work folk are starting to think I'm trying to poision them slowly O_o Now they know if I wanted to kill them, it wouldn't be a slow process...LOL!
    Have a great shower ma'am!!!


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