Thursday, February 24, 2011

Finding my HAPPY...

Hey everyone!!!!!  I'm super duper tired for some reason today.  I'm not sure if I'll make it today, but I thought I'd start my day with a topic that was on my mind for a while now.  I'm wondering why I can't get my footing in this whole process and why do I always revert back to the comfort of food.  Actually that's one of my goals to accomplish this year; end my unhealthy relationship with food.  Then I got to thinking, is it food that really makes me happy?  I mean, for the moment YES, but in the long run NO because I look at myself in disgust (enter Fatty McFatterton).  So where is my happy?  I go down the list of friends, family, loved ones...I really look for those outlets for my happiness.  Side note: I really believe that's why I'm having slight issues in my relationship because I think Brian should work harder to make me happy, but that's neither here nor there.  Then I had an epiphany...remember that Will Smith movie, I am Legend?
Just him and his dog (the dog eventually died) so he was in a world where he thought he was the only civilized individual left after a huge epidemic.  If I were in this hypothetical situation, how and what would I find my 'Happy' in? 

I love I mean LOVE to bake, but that's a double edge sword.  Yes, it relaxes the hell out of me, I'm usually very pleased about the outcome (yes, I can throw it down), but I can guarantee you that it is NOT going to be good for me.  I can't help but taste my creation and sometimes go a little over board.  So I think for now, at least until I can muster up some damn self-control, baking is a NO NO. 

As or right now, I'm on a quest to find my 'Happy' - right now, I am legend and it's now or never because food can no longer be my 'Happy'.

Getting my 'Happy' back...


  1. Good post..
    although you didn't my thought is...comfort food will always be there and you will most likely indulge...its the balace that you create that I think matters.

    know what I mean.?? dont beat yourself up about it Toot. just try and have those comfort foods, those baked goods in moderation.
    If you LOVE to bake.. then BAKE...we only get this one life so why not do the things you love.

  2. I agree with Ro, if you love to bake,BAKE and give it away, then you will be calm and relaxed and people will love receiving treats from you.

    In terms of happiness, I do not know what I wold do if I was all alone. Maybe I would just run and shop and watch movies and read. I don't mind being alone but I cannot imagine what that would like for eternity.....


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