Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Life happens, now what????

I think the hardest think for me is to deal with uncertainty and changes.  I like have a systematic way of life where I know what I'm going up against and I know how to deal with it.  But, you know that never ever happens, so when life hands me the curve ball, fast ball, ect what do I do?  Still trying to find comfort in changes and letting things play out before I spazz out!!  Like with tracking points and calories; if I don't know the EXACT amount of points to track for something, I'm angry and confused as to if I'm totally on point or not.  I would like to know that I'm not over estimating my activity or underestimating it.  But, one day at a time. 

In March I will start training for my new position and I will be on a schedule, gasp!!!!  I've NEVER had a set schedule at work so this is going to be hard!!!  I have to spring into action NOW to plan my workouts, my days, study time, Ladybug time, ect.  To make the situation worse, Mr. is going away for basic training for two months and immediately following he will be going away for another two months for officer training (insert sad face).  I will be dealing with this hectic schedule and load by my lonesome.  Now more than ever I need to develop that life skill called TIME MANAGEMENT.  To me it's almost like a bad word, but I need to embrace it and make it my BITCH!!!! 

I also wanted to share our bathroom calendar with you all.  I've developed the kindergarten reward approach to working out for the Mr. and I.  Everyday we work out, we get a sticker.  Days we don't work out, we get a sad face.  Let's just say, I have more stickers than him so far this month, lol.
Although last week was quite pitiful!


  1. That calendar is the CUTEST!
    The fact that you are starting to get a plan in place now is KEY.
    and believe it or not it may be easier for you once you get on a schedule at work...then other things will fall into place and you find yourself with a "routine".

    Good luck and like you day at a time. Don’t try and cram everything into every single week. :-)

  2. LMAO- you see his frownie faces!!! He's such a loser!!! Please don't tell him I said that or he'll kill me! Ro, that routine is going to be killer - I'm just not good at this kind of stuff.

  3. I feel your pain about tracking - I've just completed my first week of WW and yes it is frustrating when we don't know the point value for somethi - good luck with the routine and I love the idea of the calender - genius!


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