Friday, August 26, 2011

Whenever you're ready

The boo-thang has been talking (for some time now) about starting a blog.  I love the blog world, I've met (well not actually in person) so many great people and it's fun to read about someone's alternate points of views.  I think if Brian had a blog, it would be really interesting to see what he comes up with.  So everyone, let's encourage Brian to get started on his blog!!!!

We're ready when you are babe!!!


  1. LOL I would love to hear the errant thoughts of my husband!! All jokes aside though there are quite a few men in the blog world with really interesting blogs.

  2. My honey just said something about a blog too! Number one...he'd need me to translate his country grammar! Number two...I am not going to encourage his shenanigans to the open public! Y'all don't even know! He has a potty mouth!


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