Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Happy Birthday to MEEEEEE!!!!!

Yeah, I toot my own horn!!  In order of my special day, I have decided to change the title of my blog to Wonderfully Complex!!!  It’s something that I use to describe myself most days and………

29 is about to be a GREAT year!!!!!

After I ate my birthday cupcake, got birthday pedicures with my baby and made a Big Lots run, I was thinking.  A year from now, what do I want to have accomplish?  What did I accomplish while I was 28?  Which leads me to my BIGGGG Announcement….

Drum roll please~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I’m changing the focus of my blog!!!!!!

Okay, was that jus a big bust?  No, not really.  I really love and I mean love being apart of the blog world and I have so many goals and life plans that I would like to document, so Wonderfully Complex is going to be…

Wonderfully Complex!!!!



  1. Happy Birthday!!! I'm looking forward to the new layout.

  2. Go's yo birthday! Open wide...I know you're thirsty lol!! Sorry that's one of my fav songs! Happy birthday to you!!

  3. awww Happy Bday yesterday TOOT..
    I love that new blog name so very much....Big Hugz from Houston :-)

    From Ro!

  4. Thanks Ladies!!! Blogger won't let me post on my own blog, WTF Blogger?????


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