Thursday, May 26, 2011

Working on some research...

Today was filled with WORK, ugh can't stand it! But it's necessary for life and living. I did do some research today about living a lifestyle that's conducive to a better quality of life. It's true what they say about how we live, eat, and exist and how it relates to our quality of life. So let me roll down my list:

1) I eat like I'm a trash can - I will put anything (almost anything) mostly junk and processes junk.
2) my life as it is right now is a hurricane - I've been hit by it and somehow can't recover. I don't know what having an organized life is like, sad but true.
3) I don't have a regular sleep schedule or bedtime routine.
4) I live a mostly sedentary life - not enough movement for my poor body.
5) I'm a creature of routine and habit - I need some events and memories to live my life to the fullest.
6) I don't have a back up life plan - I'm always crunched for time, money, and other things. I need a life plan and a back up plan.

So, my blog is taking a turn for the better. I will still update my weight loss/get healthy movement. But, I want a better life overall; I'll include you guys on my milestones, set backs and accomplishments.

Stay tuned, Toot is up to something ;)


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  1. I feel like so many of my bloggers are all going in the same direction....myself included.

    I'm desperately trying to get the junk out of my life, nearly rid of all the canned food and the vegetable garden out back is coming along nicely.

    I've always been an anal person so organization is my forte but actually doing the items on my nice and neat "To Do" list is another challenge.

    I'm so tired around 9/10 only insomnia keeps me up until 12! LOL

    I'm desperately trying to incorporate exercise into my daily routine, it's so important for my daughter to just grow up with it as the norm.


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