Friday, May 13, 2011

Just a little bit...

I've noticed the lack if structure and organization in my life and it's trickling down to my kid. This is one of the goals that I want to work toward for the Summer Loving Challenge. It affects all aspects of our lives, can't function in chaos why do I feel like I can make it work. It's bad y'all; can't find my clothes, Tupperware containers, organize my meals, find my mail or get my couponing shit down good. Subsequently I feel like it's hindering my weight loss progress. So here I am trying to put a little structure in our lives.

First things first; organize the clothes in our apartment. Its going to be hard because space is extremely limited but that is something I've got to get done.

Just a quick picture of my lunch today. It was a Lean Cuisine Sesame Stirfry and it was pretty good. I really enjoyed it.

OAN, 55 minutes of Turbo Jam tonight! Let's see if I survive, lol!


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