Sunday, May 1, 2011

Summer Loving Challenge

Hey all!!!!! Here I am, finally able to sit down, concentrate and update my poor blog. 

The summer loving challenge has started and I’m participating!!!!  It’s been more of a mind thing than anything else.  I know what I need to do, but mentally it’s a little harder.

1. Goal 1 – Logging food in Calorie King food journal… I actually found that this is the hardest because I’m an all or nothing kind of girl.  I want exactness and if I can’t estimate the nutritional values to the tee, I don’t want to include them in my journal.  I know, I know it’s lame as hell!  I’m working on that

2. Goal 2 – organizing my space and mind…this is going nicely.  My pile of laundry has been slowly shrinking and I will start working on trading winter clothes for summer clothes slowly next week.  Little by little is better for me.

3. Goal 3 – Zumba-thon at my crib…yeah, so that hasn’t been going so well, but I’ve officially started a countdown so see the next blog for that one!

4. Goal 4 – Finding my sexy…that’s been going a little slowly because right now I’m trying to find my level of comfort in my own skin and i think that the hardest.  I’ve been fat and sloppy, lol, for so long this is going to be a big hurdle to cross. 

I will weigh in on Wednesday and post that soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. These look like great goals, I wish that I could be there at your Zumba thon, that sounds so fun!

  2. Goal setting has really helped me work myself through my weightloss journey so far. One overall goal that has worked trmendously for me is the goal to make all the exercises that O do fun and enjoyable for me. I only do exercises I like and never ones I don't. This way I have kept up with the fitness and I am finally seeing results with my weight. I love doing Zumba also but I can't always afford the classes. I love rebounding - it makes me break into a sweat within minutes. As long as its fun its easy to stick to for long term goals.


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